Tight Mind Monday: Fierce


Tight Mind Monday Throwback: Fierce

Hey everyone, I’m getting my '80s on, listening to Survivor, Eye of the Tiger, so I could talk to you about this week’s Tight Mind Monday: Fierce.

Breaking free from the constraints of fear and being fierce every day in the gym is a commitment and takes practice.

Here are three Tight Mind tips:

1. Cultivate a fierce mind.

A fierce mind has strong self-talk 100 percent of the time. Notice if your thoughts are pumping you up to be your best. If they aren’t, flip them fast. If they are, be sure you are saying them loud (even if it’s inside your head!). Have the courage to sit with your fear and still do the things you know you need to do. Use the mantra, "The fear is there, but I don’t care." Say that statement over and over again whenever you experience fear. 

2. Display fierce body language.

Channel your inner Beyonce and walk from event to event like you mean business: great eye contact, head up, shoulders back, and walking with intention. Attack each event and skill with efficiency and confidence. 

3. Activate a fierce heart.

A fierce heart knows its goals, dreams, and motivations. You are aware that every turn either moves you towards or away from what you are working for. When you activate your heart, it overrides negative thoughts and keeps you pushing fiercely forward.

Commit this week to do gymnastics with fierce mind, body, and heart, and bring out the Tight Mind Tiger in you!


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